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COPD Sheep Trial

During 2020, completion of a pilot study indicated the compound has significant pharmaceutical properties to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) & other inflammatory indications. This study led to the undertaking of a larger cohort study, to provide the statistical data required to support the earlier study.

The conclusive results of this trial prove beyond doubt the earlier findings. “The strong & significant data derived from this study is consistent with the compound being bioactive & improving key disease parameters in the animal model setting. The striking anti-inflammatory & modest anti-remodeling effects of the compound’s administration were likely linked to its ability to improve lung pathology & functional compliance. The study gives confidence for the future advancement of this drug towards human clinical trials”.


Ethics Approval - Human Cognitive Trial

Another achievement has been gaining Ethics approval for a larger cohort study into cognitive function, which is a broad term that refers to mental processes involved in the acquisition of knowledge, manipulation of information, & reasoning. Cognitive functions include the domains of perception, memory, learning, attention, decision making, & language abilities. Several other clinical evaluations have proven the ability of the compound, GA172, to cross-the-blood-brain-barrier & breakdown beta-amyloid & tau, which is associated with neuro-degenerative diseases – Alzheimer’s, dementia, & others.

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TeleScope™ diagnostic technologies

From initial concept, this project has already advanced to accurately detect parasite ova & larvae with >98% accuracy. These exciting proof-of-concept data have led to the generation of a collaborative proposal with experts from the Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering, Swinburne University of Technology. The major aims of this project are to continue immediately to include:

  • Securing intellectual property around a novel algorithm - software platform & new scientific techniques.

  • Development of a viable ‘next generation’ veterinary diagnostics system for parasite identification & enumeration. Human markets to follow.

  • The latest technologies are being incorporated within these undertakings, which enhances this project into being of significant value to the company.

  • Expressions of interest are being sought with a view to entering into commercial terms for access & use of this ‘disruptive innovative’ technology.

GRETALS is currently involved in many other projects,

that due to confidentiality agreements we are unable to share at this time.  

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